About Me

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Sheffield studying the functional adaptation of pyriform (pear-shaped) seabird eggs. I am also actively involved as a collaborator in several long-term studies to assess the ecology and behaviour of pinnipeds, birds, neanderthals, deer and cetaceans.

I am passionate about animal behaviour and and conservation management. My career has taken me to many remote and exciting places, including isolated islands and the spectacular landscapes of Antarctica. For my honours degree, I investigated geographic variation in acoustic signals of male Australian sea lions and how males respond to calls from local and foreign competitors. I explored the diet and vulnerability of large marsupial carnivores for my PhD using stable isotopes and skull biomechanics. I completed my PhD in Biological Sciences in 2014 and was awarded the Postgraduate Writing and Skills Transfer Scholarship during my PhD for outstanding research sponsored by the Evolution and Ecology Research Centre.



Animal Behaviour; Behavioural Ecology; Form and Function; Evolution; Communication; Feeding Ecology; Reproductive Biology; Cognition; Mammals and Birds; Conservation Ecology

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